Media training: Be more visible!

Jan Rybář, PhD is a well-known and respected journalist, photographer, and a consultant/lecturer in the area of communication skills. For almost twenty years he has worked in top-class media, including being a foreign correspondent of the Czech daily MF DNES for 13 years. Currently, he serves as director of a creative agency and works with clients both from NGO and business sectors. See more: Jan Rybář and his Media Training for NGOs

Over last years, he trained hundrends NGO members both in the Czech Republic and abroad (including Libya, Ukraine and Poland) – and here is an outline of his trainings.


– an interactive workshop aiming at the ability of the participants to think in different ways about what they do in order to gain higher „visibility“ of their projects and activities among journalist and general public. To put it simply: to make them see themselves differently and find out new way of promoting their activities

– workshop would focus on a mix of „tips and tricks“ both for journalists and NGO staff from various areas: Public Relations, Media Relations, New Media and effective ways of using web for spreading information to desired audience (basics of SEO etc…)

– a lot of different examples of good practice will be discussed and a lot of space and time will be devoted to discussing concrete actions the participants can undertake to make media-NGO relations more effective

Programme of the training:

Block A: Opening up the ways to media

– How to understand the world of „big media“ – the way they work and decide which stories deserve to be covered and which will never reach the readers.

– Myths about journalists and how to avoid them – understanding what media really want to hear.

– Defining media: why it is essential to understand the power of internet (and your internet pages) and new media. Brief introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– How to define topics that might be interesting for media coverage – and how to „sell“ them to journalists.

– Why 99 % of all Press-Releases are never read by journalist and how to become the chosen one that gets covered.

– Finding journalist that can be your „bridge“ into the media space…

Block B: Redefine yourself!

– Let´s find the topics that might be attractive for media and how to find the best way to have it covered!

– Redefine „image“ of participant´s activities – forget what you think important and find out what journalist might like on what you do.

– Defining the communication priorities for Press Releases that will not be overlooked.

– How to become winner – finding the topics (of each of participants) for good Press Releases and spreading them among the right people.



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